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PCR TEST IN TBILISI, BATUMI, KUTAISIFor International travelers

For International travelers coming in GEORGIA, get PCR Tests for COVID-19 for the cheapest price in Tbilisi, Georgia

It is mandatory to get PCR Test for COVID-19 if you are travelling in Georgia and you do not have full course of vaccination

Under the regulation of Georgian Government foreign visitors of all countries, may enter in Georgia freely if they present the document confirming the full course (two doses) of any COVID-19 vaccination

Non-vaccinated visitors must present PCR-examination certificate conducted during 72 hours prior to travel to Georgia;

On the 3rd day of their stay, they are obliged to undergo PCR-examination at their own expense;

For international visitors, we offer PCR tests for CHEAPEST PRICE in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi.

We offer to get PCR test in your place (Flat, Hotel, Hostel) Our Doctors will visit your place for testing; Cost of Per Test 120 Georgian Lari

We are sending answers on e-mail and uploading in Governmental Database, those who needs paper printed tests, should visit our hospital and take it.

For more information about COVID Rules in Georgia visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site:

Issues about COVID-19 situation and updates can check on official web site of Georgian Government


Обратившись к нам в Тбилиси, вы можете сдать анализ на дому. Анализ будет выполнен в виде ПЦР-теста.
Исследование проводится опытным персоналом с соблюдением всех действующих современных требований и установленных норм.

Анализ на дому сдается в удобное ремя, в комфортной обстановке.

Если вы хотите пройти ПЦР тест на дому в тбилиси, заполните анкету