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What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Common signs of infection include fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, headache and muscle pain, general fatigue, feeling of shortness of breath or dyspnoea at rest (which you had not experienced earlier).

Which symptoms indicate to serious condition and should be given attention?

– shortness of breath

– pain and/or feeling of pressure in chest

– confusion

– inability to wake or stay awake

Who is considered being COVID-19 infected?

COVID-19 infected is a person having a disease confirmed by laboratory test (PCR) or rapid antigen test.

How can I protect myself from coronavirus?

The most effective way of protection from coronavirus is vaccination.

Please consider the following additional recommendations for prevention of the disease:

· Avoid crowded places

· Wear face masks in closed areas, in crowded places, while being in contact with those having COVID-19 symptoms.

· Observe 2-meter physical distancing rule (even when using face masks).

Frequently wash hands with soap and water (during 40-60 seconds) or using 70% alcohol based liquids (during 20-40 seconds).


What is the cost of per test?

PCR Test Cost is 120 Georgian Lari

When the answer come?

90% of answers come after 12 hours of collecting samples, but can take a bit log, up to 24 hours

What is payment method?

You can pay by cash or card, just need to indicate method during a booking

Does tests answers come in English?

Yes, test answers are in English

Does your tests valid for international travel?

Yes, our tests are for international travel

How I will get results?

We are sending results via e-mail, you can print or present digital version in airport, in case you need hard copy have to come in laboratory to take it

Where to get PCR test in Tbilisi?

Our Doctors will visit your place for PCR testing